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4.7 | 185 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing instrument, easy to learn basics. I personally love it. You won't regret it, plus it sounds super nice, although you will have to tune it every week or so, but it's fun with the little hammer, makes you feel like you are doing something super technical. 😂 Anyways go for it. Quality is up to mark
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By Samuran
It's been 3days I got this Kalimba and I'm enjoying it's beautiful tunes all day long.
It's a very nice product and for all types of music lovers 💖 Also worth of money. You can purchase it without any
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By Titli Debnath
Extremely satisfied with the purchase, a nicely packed, good quality beautiful thumb piano arrived earlier than I expected, it came with black fabric pouch for the instrument and had needed accessories like tuning hammer, few silicone Finger Protectors, red and green stickers, piano scale sticker, instruction leaflet and a Kalimba basic
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By Rana's
product price
4.5 | 544 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice recorder, perfect for beginners, sounds nice to me, price is quite on the high side but the quality is here. I regret however the absence of a cleaning
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By fabien L76
Sound quality is good. However on further inspection found the block in the mouthpiece was loose.
Infact just pushing it with a cleaning rod got it dislodged.
Didnt expect this to happen on the first half and hour itself!!

Had ordered 2 of them and both had the same issue.
This must be a one off with Yamaha as
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By cyrames
Sound not
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By Tomo
product price Fulfilled
4.4 | 361 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
37 keys, and Black, contradictory to the image. Just what I wanted. :) I am a keyboardist, and I bought this for just some casual playing (and for annoying people).
The sound quality is really good, the keys are smaller than on a keyboard, so this is suitable for kids as well. At the higher end, the sound is a bit too shrill.
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By Shankhajit Das
Product is nice but its not intended to lead any song...its just to put play a short piece or a littile part of music not the entire song. You will feel dizzy if you keep on plating for too much time. You will also get some rashes inside your lips in beginning. But sound is very nice. You will love
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By Aniket Galande
Not bad. Bright tone. You can play any pattern like harmonium and also play any lead. Playing good or bad depending upon your air force from
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By Utpal B.
4.4 | 284 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thanks Amazon!
This product is simply awesome.
I have been playing Hohner bluesband all this time and as soon as I got this Easttop t008k harmonica, I thought to give it a try. And to my amaze, it sounds more beautiful than expected.
It comes with a pouch and a cleaning cloth.
It looks more cool than in the picture
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By Sameer
I have no idea regarding a Harmonica..I purchased this going by the customers' reviews, which has turned out to be all good.
The built quality is pretty solid. Finishing and all stuff are up to mark. The most important thing, the sound quality, is fabulous. You just don't have to blow hard for music; it works all smooth. Plus the
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By Manmath Agrawal
This harmonica from Easttop is better than Hohners, the sound quality is better and brighter than most of the harmonica. You can play anything, any song with this one and believe me, you won't have to blow this harmonica with all your might. Being a musician this harmonica helps me a lot, you can play any type of music, be it blues, rock
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By B Sangma
product price Fulfilled
4.3 | 2,076 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This Casio keyboard is absolutely amazing. I have bought many keyboards before, but this has to be my favourite of them all. It is portable, has good sound quality, and is not that expensive either.

Best thing about this is that it is for all ages. Anyone above 2 years can have fun with this keyboard. If you really want your
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By Srikanta
5 star product. My Niece is playing very nicely and she loves it a lot. Music quality is also good and use of keys are easily distinguishable. Moreover, Casio gives 3 years of warranty...!!! Must buy product if you are looking for something to gift your
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By Mihirkumar Kotak
Good quality product. Excellent sound. Three stars for not providing adaptor along. Should be mentioned clearly in product info. At the time of placing order, I didn’t even realise that adaptor is not supplied and as an outcome, my daughter had to wait for another week or so before she could use it as I had to place a separate Oder for
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By Roopam Gupta
product price
5.0 | 17 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I couldnt be more happy to revisit my childhood passion by buying this dholak..though i m not a professional but this piece is really good quality and lovely color as shown while buying..sound is good and best is..Super low price and getting a good product.i m really glad that i bought
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By Rupal Sedani
The size of this dholak is good. Bought this for my mom and She is so happy. Color, size and sound is cool. Go for it. Its worth
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By Amazon Customer
Good for beginners. My mom loved
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By akash kumar singh
4.2 | 529 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great Harmonica! Doesn't get much better at around RS 400, it's nicely made and Notes are correct!
Good for beginners.
It came up with a plastic case of good quality which help is prevent damaging even in case of accidental fall and a cleaning cloth.
Very handy in size and git a metallic elegant look.
Easy to carry and
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By Raghav
The quality of the product is absolutely best in this price trust
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By Anurodh patil
Amazon Please asked your suppliers to write complete product info .It is nowhere written that this product is Made in china but it is made in china.I am not interested in purchasing Chinese
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By ashok
4.3 | 42 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This Kalimba is very good. It sounds great. The only drawback id that if you are really a music lover and want it for more than just a toy, go for a 17 keys Kalimba because the songs can be played in 10 keys is very limited. However this product is good
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By Joshua Khiangte
Supports to the singing of hymns nicely does it sounds divine while praising the Lord so it is
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By Amazon Customer
It appears to be solid build and yes frame is plastic and got black colour hand grip and it has got not light in weight but if you hold it it balances there. One star less as I ordered for red but got
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By Positive_mind
4.3 | 39 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The flute came in a nice protective casing.
Flute looks really great.
I'm just a beginner so I won't be judging the sound quality..But it does sound very good to me.
I bought the flute to learn to play it. Currently i'm learning bit by bit..
An advice to beginners like me.. Don't be fooled when no sound comes out the
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By Akash M
I am music lover and for beginning I start with this amazing flutes. And absolutely this has been my current obsession. Whenever I am overstressed I always select a corner and start playing on this flutes. Sound quality is amazing. Perfect value for money and absolutely recommended for all music lover to burst your
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By DrMariya
I needed a flute for my sister for an event at home and ordered this one. This one is better than we got from a local shop. The delivery was on time and it was great shopping from amazon. It saved my time
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By Bhawna Rakheja
4.5 | 22 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice flute. Actually i tried diffident one initially but was unable to perform so decided to go with Foora and it works very nice for me.
Packing is good with strong flute cover. Happy with
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By tushar
It is perfect for beginners and ideal for staze performance.
The tuning is perfect concert pitch, ideal for studio recording.
The flute is wonderful with good balance between lower and higher
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By R Bhaskar
Not happy with the quality of the product. Finishing of the product is not up to mark. My flute had rough patches along the flute body, some where grooves along the body. Toughness point view also is the concerns as my flute got cracks upon felling down accidentally even being light in weight before I could return it
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By Sanjeev Chhabra
4.0 | 2,203 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this on december-18 2017 so its almost 1 year since i am using this.
and i must say that its a perfect match for beginners like me as the quality is very good for the price tag and the packaging was very good.
delivery was lightning fast.
its a good foundation for future musicians and singers like me.
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By Ali lohar
Two most important points you won't find in any other review:
1. This guitar is small for adults. Suitable for kids 10-18 yr olds only.
2. This guitar is only replaceable, no option to return.
Good guitar for teenage beginners no doubt.
Like the review if it helped
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By Shark
Quality is good.
Color is awesome.
Paint Job is good for the price too.
Tuning Pegs are sturdy enough.
Solid build for the price.

Guitar Bag:
Made of thin material.
Might not be able to protect the guitar while traveling, but good for just storing it in home.
Chain is a bit
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By Vishwendra Singh
4.4 | 18 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product with good quality. My 4 year old son absolutely loves
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By Gunasankari
Bought it for my 3 yr old. He is absolutely loving it. High quality product. Comes with a very good bag as
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By Sam Thomas
The product is really good at the given price point. The sound quality is also very good. Perfect for
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By Sudeep Mehrotra
4.7 | 10 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality product, on time
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By Amazon Customer
Good quality , and nice
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By Akhilesh tomar
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By Taruna Chauhan
3.9 | 6,409 customer ratings
71% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As a layman (who doesn't know much about guitars) this product is awesome... It feels good, it sounds good, the strings are good... Before buying it, I researched a little bit and came to a conclusion that this the best (considering the MRP) beginners / learning guitar you can have. Ofcourse there are one or two things which may bother
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By Neel
For 2000 rs its a really really good purchase...i was a beginner when i bought this as my very first guitar and it really really supported me as i moved
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By Ashish H.
This type of Guitar has following disadvantages
1.The strings are not at all good quality
2.The dots on it are in correct
3.The distance between the strings and board is more
4.The lines are 18...but it should have
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 11 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well and good product at this price
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By Amazon Customer
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By Deepika Alva
By Mousumi Bhattacharya
5.0 | 6 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
By Gaurav30992
बेहतरीन फ्लूट
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By Ranjit kumar dubey
In my opinion this is really a very amazing flute And I personally love it a lot. Everyone should at least give it a
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By Manav Gupta
4.1 | 25 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This flute is my first musical instrument and im enjoying it.
Thanks, Shiv'z Musicals to provide this flute on reasonable
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By Navin
Awesome flute with good quality sound....must buy
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By Mousheli Samanta
Superb product!!
Thanks a lot shiv'z musicals.
Thank you Amazon for super fast
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By Ashika
4.2 | 17 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its size, look, finish is amazing. I bought it to place it on my book stand as a reminder of Mahadev
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By Amazonian!
The product stands the same as described in the images. A product worth having for recreation of your offsprings of
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By manish arya
Size is small but quality is
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By Pradeep Jain
4.1 | 23 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Gud one for
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Having the handle does serve the purpose of making it easier to play however the build quality could be a little better. Looking at the handle and shaker joint I do sometimes feel like it's gonna break from there. Lets see how long they last. Oh and its really hard to play them fast, the ones without the handle are more suitable to play
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By Aradhya Kumar
There was nothing I disliked..... It sounded exactly like it was meant to!!

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By Tally Bann
4.1 | 23 customer ratings
72% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a begineer, bought this bansuri on the recommendation of guruji of shivz musical, it's working fine.
Strongly recommend for beginners as it is cheaper than punam flutes and quality is very good.
I will update the review after learning
जय श्री
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By Naman Rao Gomi /YDV आर्य
After reading other reviews, was worried a bit... But received the flute in a very good condition... Tried producing sound, was really impressive.... Tnk u shivz.... It's been one week since I bought... Would surely recommend to goahead with this product.... Before placing order confirm if it's from shivz from the product
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By Ashweej NR
बहुत ही सुंदर बांसुरी है जो कि well tuned है। मैंने शिव सर से ये बांसुरी खरीद कर कोई गलती नहीं की है। इसकी गुणवत्ता बहुत ही बढ़िया
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By Ravi Shankar Dewangan