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Reviewed in India on 11 February 2019
Il A GIRL TO REMEBER II By @author_ajaykpandey
By seeing the title 'A girl to remeber', I decided to keep it in my list. Finally I have used my weekend to finish it off.
The best part of the book, how built up the story,gave equal importance to each characters by confessing their words.
The story started with a bachelor of today's generation and his wish, his vision, his perception about his sorrounding. He described his opinion shamelessly and story moved ahead as soon as new characters came in the plot.
Like a Bollywood movie, the interval came when the Neel came across with Pihu, even after that also the story was stretched as expected. But it took a turn when Neel felt that he was not stoned man, he has heart who wish to have a family who cries for someone. "There lives an angel And there is a demon'. Eventually he transformed from 'demon' to 'angel'.
This book is marinated with 'affection of mother' , 'a fun loving Friend' , 'a lady who suppressed her emotions because of circumstances', 'A sensible brother' .
Overall I have loved the book and would recommend others to read.
✴️Rating: 3/5
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