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19 October 2019
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR PLANTS TO DIE !! It's total scam. This product is no soil, it is dried and crushed ctc tea leaves. Trust basket does not even bother to mix soil with it. Just 100% tea leaves. The realisation hits you the moment you first touch the so called soil. It stained all my fingernails in the first place...tadaaa soil doesn't stain your nails. Day 4 and all my plants have started wilting and withering. They look sick and unable to spread out their leaves. That too I just used it as a top up soil. Just a thin layer of it over my regular soil to make up for the soil lost everyday while watering and my plants are in bad shape...god knows what would happen if I planted plants in it.

Update : 2 of my plants have died. Their leaves were totally burnt. Many other plants have burnt leaves now. I scraped the trust basket soil out of a few plants and they start to look better already. I am gonna scrape off and throw out this mix as much as possible from the rest of my plants. Uploaded a pic for reference. This is what this mix does to your just burns the leaves.
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