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Reviewed in India on 10 April 2020
"And we are a laughing stock of our beloved Allies and neighbors in case you haven't noticed. A bunch of post-imperial nostalgists who cant run a fruit stall. Your impression too"?

So says the lead character Nat's boss to Nat when they are discussing an ongoing case. That line comes almost into 60% of the film but probably captures the essence of the entire book and what its all about - spying and intelligence world during the time of Brexit and Trump.

To whet your appetite I have quoted that brilliant line above. As with his post-Cold War books, le Carre's latest "Agent running in the Field" is simply one more example of his - SPOILERS - an increasing concern for the "Man against System" type of stories where individuals have to find that part of their soul where what's morally right is obviously against the system and its "engine". Be prepared for some stunning writing and incisive look at Brexit Britain and the acerbic comments associated with that through the eyes of Nat.

I think this is a clear high among the Post Cold War 21st century le Carre books and of course, I gladly recommend it to everyone.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 post-imperial Nostalgists!
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