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Reviewed in India on 17 September 2020
I am in love with short stories and I have discovered it recently. This book is written by "Arushi Vats" and it is a commendable job done by her. This book has a beautiful cover and the title chosen is apt for this. Various topics and stories have been covered in this book which I intensely love. These are the chapters mentioned below:
1. An Oasis in the desert
2. Dadu
3. The imprisoned cocoon
4. The wheel of memoirs
5. The missing idol
6. Real touch
7. A last letter of hope
8. Dark woods
9. Reborn
All these chapters have different stories and that is nicely written.
The best part is, it is a short read and you can finish it real quick. The characters are relatable and the human presence about it made me happy. I loved the character of Aryan and about his travelling life. One thing which reminded me of while I started reading this chapter is the boy in Alchemist. I felt this is the same life and story as it is in The Alchemist book, but anyway, this is altogether a different book and different chapter and the characters built-up seem to be a difficult task for the author. At once when you start with one story, switching and getting hold up with new one is a task for author as well reader. I liked her work, there is no way telling that this book failed. Even a non-reader could say they loved this book.
I am in love with the COVER especially <3 Wow!!
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