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Reviewed in India on 15 December 2018
Awesome. Just awesome. However, one question. Why is it for younger readers? Is it because there aren't any 'items'?!! Didn't really like that. Anyways, I LOVE your sense of humour and the way the dialogues seem so realistic. And you know what I really like? That plot!!!! The Matrix-style way the Terrarians came to Aetheria is just... WOW! I don't really care if you take 100% longer to write, as long as your books are 100% awesome (as usual). So.... About this character thing. Don't get me wrong, I would be ecstatic if I got a character. It's just... Why does it have to be so COMPLICATED? I mean, I barely know what Discord is! So, I was wondering, could I just give an idea, and you do whatever you like with him?

Name: DiamondStorm (any one used for a nickname)

Personality: Easygoing

Tagline: Either a debuff gave you a negative INT, or you don't see this diamond sword swinging at your face.


Skills: Just gimme really high combat and crafting please.

Armor: I dunno, maybe some iron or the Legion Battlesuit?

Weapons: Diamond Sword (shock 2)

Class: Knight

Abilities: Dash, Parry

So, yeah! You can give me more abilities, or different gear if you feel this is too OP. This is probably not gonna get selected, is it? Still, worth a shot.

Thanks for the awesome books.

Honestly, this review was the least I could do.
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