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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 23 May 2021
My better half forever is a romantic fiction written by Arushi Vats. The two protagonist of the story is Rahul and Malvika, they have one thing in common: both of them have lost someone in their life. Malvika who lost her brother is dealing with panic and anxiety attacks followed by stepping into college. There she met Rahul who also is coping with the lost of his father. They both were meant to be together, because of career Rahul went to London. Four years have passed, they will be together?

The cover page of the book is beautiful, by looking at the cover page you can know it's a romantic fiction. The title of the book is suitable for the story. I like reading the book but it is a one time read for me. I'm not that much into romantic fictions, but I always give it a try. The plot of the book is simple and kind of predictable, it is a perfect romantic fiction which people read.

I like the character of Malviya, she seems like a strong and fierce figure. The portrayal of other characters are also done very well. The language of the book is simple and the narration is done in a lucid manner. It is a fast pace read and everything is described in a systematic manner. The bond and the relationships shown in the book is perfect and emotional. The loss of losing a loved one is something else, so depicting the scene and emotion is fantastic. Overall, I like the book and I'll recommend it to all the romantic fiction lovers.
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