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Reviewed in India on 28 February 2019
The good:

1. Overall build quality is good. It’s very sturdy.

2. The spring mechanism on the lid is adequate, and isn’t of low quality. Initially I thought the spring would pop out, but it’s placed properly and prevents it from snapping.

3. Velcro stickers are provided. You can stick it in your cupholder storage. I have not done this, as I know that dust & dirt will get accumulated there over time, and it’ll be very difficult to clean it. So, I have left it as is, and using the trashcup by simply placing it inside the cupholder.

4. Since it’s black in color, it will blend well with any interiors, but suits best for black interiors.

5. The spring used is a common spring, and therefore, if it’s damaged over time, or loses it’s strength, you can easily replace it.

The Bad:

1. The lid sits quite loosely on the body of the trashcup. This is not a big problem though, as you should use this only for dumping dry wastes, and shouldn’t allow it to reach beyond the main body of the cup.

2. The spring mechanism for the opening is quite strong. You need to push it with a considerable amount of strength. One handed operation is quite difficult, and most of the times I ended up holding the lid open with one hand and placing the trash with the other. However, I think this is because it’s new, and it will get easier in a while.

3. Whether you use the velcro or not, when you go over potholes and other sudden vehicle movements, it’s going to make some noise by hitting the sides of the cupholder. This is normal, and you won’t even notice it.

>> Overall, this is a very useful product, and totally worth the price paid. The disadvantages mentioned are not dealbreakers. It’s an extremely useful product to have inside your car and I would definitely recommend it!
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