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Reviewed in India on 29 January 2020
Aren't most of us trying to fit in with others? Constantly trying to please others? Being concerned about 'the opinion'?.
Or are we relentlessly trying to break free of all the tags and stereotypes?
If you belong to any one of these categories, you will probably get the ''Normal People".
Sally Rooney's ''Normal People" tells the story of two polar opposites, Marianne who is in no mood to conform to social conversions, raised in a dysfunctional family and Connell who appears to be a well adjusted fellow. Connell's mother works as the housemaid at Marianne's place and the frequent interaction between the teens who refuses to acknowledge each other at school grows into an intense yet ambivalent relationship.
The lack of 'naming' the relationship under a banner makes it all the more appealing to both Connell and Marianne. Their entry into the social circles of the city life leads them to explore more of the self, it's underlying current bringing them often too close together and then pulling them apart with no apparent retribution.
The novel probes into questions regarding perception of oneself, the theme of acceptability, class structures, class barriers and is unmistakably a story of love. The language is conversational and is therefore provocative.
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