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Reviewed in India on 15 December 2019
A small, good looking, smooth but costly product. I said it is costly not because of it's price but due to its high cost of printing. I will describe it more down below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Now talking on points.
1. A cable to connect with electricity supply
2. An USB cable
3. A pair of cartrages (tricolour & back and white)
4. The deskset 2131 printer, obviously.


Set up was a little tough for me because I was doing it for the first time. They didn't gave a good presentation of how to set it up for the first tim.


The performance is good and it defines it's price. It prints about 7-8 pages per minute and the quality of pictures is fair. I can't say it is very good, but it is enough for normal usage.
The printing is smooth.
It prints colour pictures and balck & white pictures.
The scanning is also good. It doesn't takes a lot of time.
The major concern is that it can't work independently, you need to connect it with pc or a phone to perform the tasks

The quality of product is worth the price. The design is beautiful and it looks good in white colour.
The cables are very strong and are long enough to connect easily.

I am not happy with this part of the product. I mean, printing pages is costly in this printer. If you calculate an average, it costs around 10 rs just to print a page. This is too much for printing. Printing should not be that costly, given that the quality is not that much high.
So, I think this is a costly product to have.
If someone is buying a printer that means he/she have to print a lot of pages, in this condition it can be very costly.

I am disappointed with this printer. That's my opinion.
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