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Reviewed in India on 28 August 2018
I had read Chankya' s Chant and Krishna key from Ashwin and had seemingly liked both of them to an extent so I decided to give this one a try. Now that I have gone through the ordeal, I am trying to figure out whether it was a wise decision. For starters the story has a lot of characters that you loose track which sometimes defeat the story itself which is the case with the keepers of Kalachakra.

The story starts with a high profile liberal Prime Minister suffering a multiple organ failure under mysterious circumstances. As the plot goes on you understand that there is an entity at work which is keen on starting a global war against the Islamist hardliners and plotting murders of liberal leaders across the world.

The Main Potragonist (Vijay) who is a IIT professor and just completed his PHD gets a job in a shady organization called Mellissan labs which is suspected behind the murders. Vijay , though not willingly , tries to uncover the secrets inside Mellissan and establish a link with the murders. The secrets that get revealed and how murders are actually executed becomes the premise of the story.

Interesting !!! Right ... Actually not. The problem as I mentioned earlier that there are so many characters and concepts introduced that it becomes really tiring to keep a track of them. Also introduction of new concepts of Buddhism..Hinduism chapter after chapter doesn't really help. The conversation tend to be more of a QA session which is very difficult to digest. The climax too looks tedious ( I literally browsed through pages for the heck of finishing) as Ashwin tries to bring a logical end to the different characters he had introduced.

All in all .... KEEPERS OF THE KALACHAKRA ... is definitely not a novel 'for keeps' and I would suggest you give it a pass.
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