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Reviewed in India on 21 July 2019
Cat food is relatively new concept for typical Indian mind set. We are more aware of Pedigree is dog food same is Whiskas as cat food.

Whiskas is a well known international brand and available in different countries. I came to know about this brand while I was watching one of my favourite old American TV series.

Why I bought cat food:
My cat was badly injured by a stray dog and it stopped eating home cooked veg food after a certain time.

Coming to Whiskas I review as under:

1 Cats are carnivorous animals and mostly depend on non veg. It can be a blessing if you are family is vegetarian.
2 Whiskas has all the important minerals, vitamins and nutrients and most important taurine which a cat needs the most.
3 It is available in dry small biscuit shaped non veg biscuits so that it can be easily stored in an airtight container. 
4 Feed Whiskas as per your cats food requirements and add a separate bowl of water as cats feel thirsty after eating dry food.

1 Once your cat tastes Whiskas, it will get addicted to this food. 
2 Expensive cat food but worth the price at your cats love it.

It is synthetic packaged food after all. As long as your cat enjoys fresh meat stay away from this. But if you live in flats or close surroundings where your cat can't hunt itself this food is definitely a blessing. You won't regret.

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