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5 December 2019
It's too tight, too heavy for a medium sized head. The speaker drivers must be from a normal desktop speaker cause it's very very loud. Need to set volume at 1% to be able to get headphone level sound. If you set sound at even 10% and place the unit in table, you will think sound is coming from mini speakers. The speaker drivers even attracts metals lieing in the table cause of huge magnets

The 7.1 is a gimmick. Absolutely useless. Most games have optimized their audio for 2.1 so using virtual 7.1 in here half the time makes sound come from somewhere else. If it was TRUE 7.1, could have atleast used it proper on games that support surround audio. Better to use a good quality 2.1 headset for gaming.

And it's too tight. I get a headache from using it for more than 20 mins cause the headphone is squeezing my head all this while.

I would suggest to get a stereo headphones in same price range. Virtual 7.1 is useless
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