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Reviewed in India on 9 January 2018
Yet another read from you know who, my-soon-turned-favorite Preeti Shenoy ji, as amazing as any book, but i liked the 2 points that are touched really well in this book other than the theme, love for pets and the pleasure about raising kids, holding a life born from u itself is a thing of tremendous joy one that is indescribable in words, how beautiful it is raise them, take them for a walk, tell them our own life stories and saying that oh boy, your father was a hell naughty way back in your age, awesome narration, i really felt touched and emotional by the efficiency with which she carried out handling the sensitive emotions that can take your life turn all round at once, caring for a life that is brought from you, is simply the most mandate feeling one responsible citizen ought to have, and the determination, courage and patience portrayed by the protagonist "Vee" is damn inspirational, it is the way he chose her life to be creating paths she found joy and happiness in, paving for her own life in her own way, yet ofcourse life had it's own twists and turns for her, she stood and faced it all, succeeding in all tests life has put and in the end she did realize that " It happens for a reason ", what path u chose in life to shine doesn't really matter but ur commitment and determination towards pursuing that career where ur happiness lies, shows to the world what difference it is to live and to be happy.......!!!

Once Again, thanks madam for giving us some extraordinary literary works..!
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