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Reviewed in India on 16 June 2020
The book is a different genre in a unique mix of perspectives between romance, infidelity and relationships. The psychologically opinionated thrills can be felt throughout the book with different open ends. Dhruv, in his life has a flame of hope throughout but ends up in a land of dark secrets, which turns up against every odds to ruin the ruins over and over. Anuradha, his eternal love, though outside his marriage makes the plot well woven and interesting simultaneously. The expressions of sensuality can be felt throughout with goosebumps on one hand and eerie obsession on the other. Protagonists are somewhat underdeveloped in characterisation leading to cliches and pre-known objectives which are easily identifiable. As a result, the inextinguishable thought of a bit different ending strikes it hard. But other than that, the book is a thriller, a good to grab and read through the horizons of travel in the world of vengeance with an essence of betrayal.
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