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10 January 2019
I have always been a Nikon fanboy but I will try my best to keep this review unbiased and to the point, make sure you read the complete review as this will give you a fair idea if this camera is the right purchase for you.

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Lovely build quality something you can expect from one of the best Japanese manufacturers; It feels built to last and solid in your hand, a great thing when you are paying a premium.

The articulating touch screen is great, but there is a major flaw here, the overall design is disappointing as movement is not as good as I have seen in most Cameras it lacks the complete invert downward movement which is very important and useful for bloggers.

As I have mentioned below, the Nikon loses out to some of its competitors in terms of some features, but in terms of performance, It will blow you away.

Check the different kits available

Let me make it clear and short, this is hands down the best performing camera at this price, the low light performance is super impressive so is the colors and performance from the chipset, a true photo enthusiasts camera.

Please do not go for the number of pixels as the image quality and output on this, is miles ahead of any camera at this price range.

If you are planning to save some cash, you can also check this one out.

With 4k recording and digital image stabilization and the fantastic dynamic range and the low light performance the camera possesses you will not be disappointed with the camera's overall video performance.

One thing I noticed while using both the 80D and Nikon was that the Canon had better video recording performance than the Nikon but this was not a deal breaker for me considering the quality and performance that Nikon was offering at that point.

Comparison of similar cameras

The Nikon d7500 and Canon 80d are very close when it comes to specs but which one is better on paper and real life?

This was one of the most confusing decisions for me.

The Canon had a better display and battery; was priced well for what it was offering, it was a very attractive deal in terms of features. To make things better it had a higher resolution sensor which was 24 mp compared to the Nikon 21mp sensor.

You have to acknowledge one vital truth and settle on a choice. This isn't a beginner camera, this is the sort of camera you would purchase after you move from the learner level and when you are near getting an appropriate top of the line proficient camera.

I needed a camera which would give me the incredible output, I could live with a low-res screen and battery life for a superior low light output and a higher dynamic range and better in general performance.

That is one the reasons I needed to run with the Nikon, it felt better in many areas, where it made a difference to me

the overall output was better and after owning couple of Nikons in the past I could vouch for the overall quality and performance of their cameras, I know canon is equally good in many of their products or if not better, but here where output or quality mattered Nikon was a winner for me, make sure you try both cameras as they have their fair bit of pros and cons so that you understand the best one for you.

You can check the canon here


1.Solid build and construction

2.Compact to hold and simple to carry

3.Decent battery life

4.Nikon service and support.

5.unbelievable output in both low light and day time.

6.Good touch screen interface


The articulating screen design is flawed could have been better.

2.lacks the video quality and auto-focusing qualities that the competition offers.


An incredible choice for those looking for a high-end DSLR. It passes up a few features however that won't stop this one to be known as an amazing product from Nikon.
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