50mm Lens

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"Must buy if you're interested even a bit in photography!" - by abhi (india)
Wonderful little lens. Called the niftyfifty, this one really gives the photos a beautiful look. Background bokeh is wonderful which makes the portraits stand out from the kit lenses. Just remember this is not for very tight spaces. It brings the subject very close with a very tight frame and it can't focus very close as well. But it can also take good outdoor photos. The colours are also punchier compared to the kit lenses. The build quality is top notch. Locks onto the body with a distinct click! Feels solid yet light. Must buy!!
"The best 50mm lens." - by Vivek
Using it with canon 7D. The results are extraordinary. The softness of pictures and the bokeh are unlike any other canon lens. A cheap lens like this .. giving such spectacular results ..well that's very impressive.
"Excellent. Enjoying taking pictures with is" - by SAMIK GHOSH
Excellent. Enjoying taking pictures with is. Great resolution and sharpness. No distortion. I knew why I went for it and I am happy.
"My photography quality increased immediately" - by Malayalee_Techie
It seems my photography quality increased immediately. Even junk photos started to look awesome. If you only have a kit lens, I suggest you buy this. You won't regret it.

PS: This is 50mm prime lens, If you want to take large group photos indoor (where there's no much space) go for 35mm version.
"Best but the build quality could be better" - by Subham
One of the besr prime lens I havd ever used and the bookeh it produce is much better thn any other 50mm. Best lens in budget
"Great lens and must have" - by dinesh kanna
I have been using 18-55mm kit lens and 70-300mm for Tele. I bought this lens recently and this is the only lens I carry for taking portrait photos and also am in great love with it.
For basic model camera(d3xxx, d5xxx series ) users I suggest 1.8mm G lens, since D lens model will not support auto focus as the camera body does not come with one too
"Great upgrade from prime lens" - by Neha (Brighton)
Loved the lens!! The pictures are sharp and the lens seems very sturdy. It was a really good upgrade from my kit lense, and the quality is 'almost' comparable to my 50mm1.8g prime lens. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to upgrade from the kit lens
"Excellent product..." - by Dipankar Nath
Th lens is very good for the price I paid...
"good in low light" - by Chandrashekhar Kadam
enthusiast lens... good in low light... manual override great... for portraits and candid clear pics of friend and family @ home..
"Value for money" - by Arindam Bhowmik
It did fit perfectly on my lens. Build quality is okish. But with the price theres nothing to complain really .
"Perfect fit and fine quality." - by PSB_TheOne
Perfect fir for my canon 50mm 1.8 STM lens. Very fine quality and smooth fitting. Yes, its reversible also, means you can store it easily with the lens. Now your 50mm lens looks big. I recommend this hood for lens protection from impact and to stop lens flare. Its worth at this price.
"Serves the purpose" - by Harsha
Affordable 3rd party lens hood. A must buy if you are looking for one.