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"Excellent Natural Product with Lots of Benefits" - by Haris Kawoosa
It is an excellent product with Therapeutic properties. It has a nice floral scent with a woody tone. It is great product and has a number of beneficial uses. It can be used for messaging your body to relax yourself from stress and to rejuvenate you. I can be used to message on your hair and eliminates dandruff. A couple of drops of it in your cloth cupboard not only gives it a nice fragrance but also helps keep the bugs away! It also helps to sleep well, it gives a nice aroma and assists in sleeping. In addition to all this, it is also great for your skin.
Overall, this product is a great product with so many uses and at such a cheap cost. The best part is that it does not have any harmful ingredients, completely natural. So buy one for yourself now!
"Loving it!!!" - by Amazon Customer
I got the parcel in perfect condition. I use these essential oils in my DIY. Rose , sandalwood, jasmine , lemon and lavender smells lovely. For the price I paid for these essential oils, its great.
"okay product" - by VIJAYENDRA (Currently at Patna, Bihar, India)
I have not used lavender before, so I am not sure how close is this essential oil to real lavender.
But as far as product is concerned. Product seems okay.
Smell is slightly strong and and a bit bitter.
Other than everything else seems fine.
I will buy lavender oil from other brand and will try to update the same.
"Use it for my laundry... Works beautifully!" - by Amazon Customer
The fragrance is lovely. I use about 8-10 drops in my washing machine during the rinse cycle. My clothes come out smelling amazing! Also, this acts as a form of disinfectant for the clothes. Especially lovely when used on bedsheets and pillow cases.
"Nice one." - by Jiba (Sikkim)
I ordered it for my aunt and she loved it.
"Wonderful Aroma!" - by Mohammad Shadaan Husain
Wonderful Aroma! Relaxing it is, but it should come with another dropper.
"Worth buying cause other brands charge so high prices😊😊." - by Mandeep
Awesome packaging. Fell in love with the aroma of oils.
"Rey naturals tea tree oil is best👍" - by Ranjit singh
Rey natural tea tree oil is an essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor.
Uses- Tea tree oil has been used in traditional medicine in the belief it treats acne, nail fungus, or athlete's foot .
It is typically used topically in low concentrations as a folk medicine for attempted treatments of skin conditions, treating dandruff, acne, lice, herpes, insect bites, scabies, and skin fungal or bacterial infections.
Price MRP- Rs360
But you can get it around Rs240 from

You must try it.
"Nice product" - by Kakali Choudhury
Nice aroma and stays long. Refresh the mind and body. I shall further go for it. It also may be used in diffuser.
By kakali Choudhury
"Superb" - by Geeta
Very pleasing aroma....I used it as a bath oil ....And in diffusers too.....Going to repeat the order,