Grow Bags for Terrace Garden

Top Selected Products and Reviews

"Satisfied product" - by Priya M.
The bag I received was big and strong..I guess it holds more soil mayb around's ideal for growing veggies....bigger bag than expected...I'm satisfied by d quality too.
"Good" - by Candy
Good Product.. It had holes too .. convenient and perfect for terrece gardening
"Good and sturdy" - by Deepak Narain
Good and sturdy. Using it for tomatoes and brinjals in my terrace garden. The drainage holes are convenient and effective.
"Product is good, worthy" - by Rajeev
Product is good, worthy, quality is fine, you can use it for roof top and Kitchen gardening . Go for it good choice
Bags are as good as listing description . bags are sturdy and of excellent quality it worth .
"A big plant can be easily grown in this poly bag" - by Krishna Vijay (Hyderabad)
These poly bags are huge in size than my expectation. A big plant can be easily grown in this poly bag. It has four perforation drain holes provided at the bottom. The material is also thick and I hope it will last few years at least.
"Good grow bags" - by Yasir Qureshi
Good grow bags. I am using them this year for tomato plants. The bags are sturdy and having drainage holes as well. However, given the price, the thickness of the bags can be improved.
"Sensible Gardening" - by Anurag
Quality pricing usefulness as compared to conventional pots ...a must for urban gardening
"Perfect for growing bigger plants / trees on terrace garden" - by Amazon Customer
Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for growing bigger plants / trees on terrace garden.
"Very good thank you Amazon" - by P.Baraniraja
Multi use size small but use for agriculture
"Perfect size and quality" - by Steffi Marjorie
The bags were good and sturdy. They were of good size and could house a medium plant. It's hard to move once filled with soil cause they can hold that much soil. I bought it for growing some vegetables at home. But when I got up my mom had already stolen them for her flowering plants. She likes them that much. They are that good and wayyy better than the clay pots which tend to get chalky and gain algae growth. A great buy for terrace garden.
"Good product" - by Jayram Tiwary
Good product, useful for planting trees for a limited period.