Winter Quilt

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"Great quality VFM comforter!" - by Raj H.
This one has been on my wish-list for some time now but didn't buy it immediately as I was not sure about the quality. However, given the good deal during the Great Indian Sale, I thought of taking my chances. Gotta say I made the right move!

1. Superbly comfy. The touch and feel of the fabric is so good you will feel like keep touching it! Very comfortable.
2. Warm enough for winter nights in city like Pune or Bangalore.
3. Very light due to the quality of the microfiber filling inside.
4. Big enough for King size bed. Two adults and one child can comfortably use it.
5. Colours are very lively and looks very good. Lots of different color combinations are available.

None at this point.

Verdict: Great value for money, especially if you get some special deal. Highly recommended. Please provide feedback below if you like my review.
"5star rating" - by Anil Kumar sharma
Sir may Anil appke Amazon castmer hu.Mana blanket returns date 29 Nov kon deya tha par Abhi tak koi abhi ussa Lana nahi aya kyu.sir mera appeal request hai app kisi kon bej jar mera blanket bapas kar do
"Excellent product; very apt for Delhi winters!!!" - by A. M.
It is a must buy for Delhi winters (or colder)!!! Fully satisfied with the product and my kids love it - it is very warm and cozy. I particularly like the TOG rating provided by the Seller - it helped me make an informed decision. Fully recommend this product, and also the Duvet Cover I bought for the duvet; the cover too is very nice!
"Good one" - by Anshuman Rawat (NEW DELHI, DELHI)
The product is overall good and got it at 799 bucks which is really far as fabric is concerned it's also good I would say and a must buy for winter season. Again a great deal!
Thank you Amazon, Jeff Bezos!
"Decent quilt at the price." - by Biswadeep Banerjee
Decent quilt at the price. The cloth on the lower side is of cheap quality but overall it is a decent quilt.
"Beautiful, light weight extremely warm razai!" - by Shivali kotwal
Very soft fabric, next to just perfect stiching and workmanship.lightweight yet thick razai for Windows tere,aesthetic colours wine and brown ,works well with my perfect wood finished bed ,decor and orange and yellow curtains.It gets overheated in approaching summers of early Feb in Delhi but perfect for chilly Delhi winters.just put an extra thin layer beneath.u can escape peak Delhi winters or sudden dips in temperatures like lastly in end Jan 2018, with this.
"Very soft and warm" - by Gargi
Very soft and warm... same as in picture.
"Very happy with the product :) <3" - by Dhivya
Very soft and comfy, lovely look. Feels great for winters. Sleep lovers will definitely like it :)
Very good stitching at the corners.
Value for every penny paid